The sound for moving pictures

Welcome to movieKLANG!

Whatever kind of film you may produce, it deserves a brilliant sound track. Feature films, documentaries or commercials, low-budget or Hollywood-style - I would be happy to provide you with good sound. The experience I gathered in many years of working as a sound editor and mixer enables me to work on challenging projects as well as on 'small films'.

My home-studio is the perfect place for sound editing. For re-recording movieKLANG works hand in hand with larger studios.

Furthermore, a cooperation with talented composers ensures perfect harmony of music and sound effects.

Current Projects

Unter der Haut (Under the Skin)

German TV-production, screened at the Filmfest Hamburg 2014

Info (German)

Unter der Haut

Die Mamba

German-Austrian action-comedy

featuring Christoph Maria Herbst and Michael Niavarani

Homepage (German)

Die Mamba

45 Minutes to Ramallah

Turbulent comedy about two Palestinian brothers who smuggle the dead body of their father from Jerusalem to Ramallah...

Sneak Preview | Info

45 Minutes to Ramallah

Presented at the Berlinale 2012:

I, Anna

Thriller, starring Gabriel Byrne and Charlotte Rampling.

UK release: 7th December 2012

Info | Interview | Hollywood Reporter

En fiende att dö för

('An enemy to die for', Sweden / Germany / Norway)

Theatrical release in Sweden: 16th March 2012

Theatrical release in Norway: 30th March 2012

Theatrical release in Germany: 4th April 2013